Conventional abrasives

Conventional abrasives

AVN Slijpmaterialen B.V. supplies grinding wheels, -segments and mounted points in many versions for tool grinding, profile grinding, cylindrical and surface grinding.
We offer elastic wheels for polishing, regulating wheels (centerless grinding), extra thin wheels and creepfeed grinding wheels as well as products for grinding with high speeds.

Grit type

We work with a large variety of corundum and silicon carbide grit types, among which also sol gel aluminas and mono crystal types.

Quality also depends on:

  • Hardness: this indicates the strength with which the bond retains the abrasive grains.
  • Structure: open or dense, porous etc.
  • Bonds:
    • vitrified bonds
    • bakelite bondsn (possibly reinforced with fibre-glass)
    • resin bonds
    • rubber bonds
    • elastic bonds