Dressing tools

Dressing tools

To get an optimal grinding process, AVN Slijpmaterialen B.V. also supplies various dressing tools, depending on the application and grinding wheel. Large improvements can be obtained if the grinding wheel and the dressing tool are tuned for one another.

The purpose of dressing is ambiguous:

  • correction of the shape (and/or profile) of the grinding wheel sharpening of the grinding wheel
  • The “dressing operation” can be used on many different types of grinding wheels, qualities and bonds; also for CBN- and diamond wheels.

Dressing sticks

For manual application we supply sharpening stones for CBN- and diamond wheels, hard silicon carbide blocks in various dimensions and also boron carbide-sticks, of stock.

Diamond dressers

Single point diamond dressers for universal application on conventional grinding wheels we supply natural diamonds, mounted in several holders, of stock.

Multi point diamond dressers these dressing tools have a tip impregnated with diamond and this tip is sintered on several holders. Also used when a lower roughness is required.

Multi point dressing tools can be used both mechanical and manual. Many shapes are supplied of stock.

Diamond profiling rolls

Diamond profiling rolls with a profile related with the work piece diamond dressing rolls which grind the required profile in the grinding wheel.
These dressing tools can also be made of CVD in different settings. Several shapes in both electroplated as sintered bonds are used for cylindrical and surface profiles, gear production and thread grinding on machines as ABA, Agathon, Anca, Bahmuller, Blohm, Brand, Buderus, ELB, Hofler, Jung, Junker, Kellenberger, Klingelnberg, Magerle, Mikrosa, Niles, Reishauer (sets), Rosa, Schaudt, Studer, Unison, Ziersch & Baltrusch.