Honing tools

Honing tools

For both internal and external honing AVN Slijpmaterialen B.V. supplies honing mandrels, honing heads, honing stones (CBN/diamond and conventional abrasives) in both standard and special shapes for the use on any type/brand of honing machine.
A large part of our standard honing tools can be used both manually as well as in specialized honing machines.

In cooperation with the client we can optimise the honing processes. Because we have the flexibility to create specific solutions beyond the standard honing tools and stones.

Honing stones

Conventional honing stones are supplied in several corundum and silicon carbide types. Variations can be made in grit size, hardness, structure and bonds. CBN- en diamand honing stones are produced in several abrasive types, concentrations and bonds.

Bonds can be divided in three main groups:

  • Metal bonds
  • Resin bonds
  • Vitrified bonds

For your current honing tools we supply alternatives for both honing stones and complete sets incl. several types of guides. A standard delivery program is available.

Honing tools

Besides the standard program of honing mandrels we supply special tools for the improvement of both efficiency and quality of production in large scale. Some examples are: the multi-stones honing mandrels or honing mandrels with an electroplated CBN or diamond layer.

Honing heads

Honing heads for machines with a hydraulic expansion-system- Honing heads with a mechanical expansion-system – Honing heads (range Ø 25,4-500 mm) for universal use.For the honing heads we also supply the driving rods, stone holder, guides as well as the stone holder support.