CBN and diamond grinding wheels

CBN and diamond grinding wheels

AVN Slijpmaterialen B.V. supplies CBN and diamond wheels and pins in a large variety of forms, dimensions and qualities. Besides a broad standard delivery program we mostly choose for “custom made” specifications, for optimising your grinding process.

For many applications as cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, tool grinding, centerless grinding, internal grinding, jig grinding, profile grinding we supply a quality product.

CBN (cubic boron nitride)

CBN is produced synthetically, it is high temperature-proof and mostly used for the grinding of stellite, HSS, spring steel, powder metallurgic materials and high alloyed steels (hardened). We also have a choice of CBN in different qualities, each with different characteristics.


Diamond is, because of its hardness as well as its chemical composition, very suitable for the grinding of tungsten carbide, technical ceramics, glass, silicon, graphite, PCD, PCB, stone, ferrite, tungsten carbide-steel combinations, glass-fibre polyester, quartz.
There is a large choice of different types of synthetic and natural diamond (with or without coating) depending on the application.